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Smiling Soban, staff member at the ACODO front gates
ACODO ( Assisting Cambodian Orphans and the Disabled Organisation) is an NGO ( Non-Governmental Organisation) based in Siem Reap established to assist orphans, the disabled, poor children and those living on the street or garbage tips. ACODO truly believes every life has equal value and each individual deserves the opportunity to have a better way of life. They face great difficulty in running their programmes and continually and urgently need help from generous sponsors, volunteers and visitors. There are 68 adorable children from 4-17 years old.

Veasna, the president assistant, enthusiastically showed us around their small plot in Siem Reap and introduced us to the beautiful children. We were welcomed with squeals of delight, curious questions and cheeky grins.
ACODO is always in need of any volunteers who can help with teaching english to the kids in the two basic classrooms (below)
or even just to come and play games for a day or two.

We asked Veasna what was the greatest need for the orphange right now. He replied without hesitation-"food". So we purchased 150kg of rice and also other much needed food and basic hygiene supplies.

Lining up for lunch, smallest to biggest. The youngest boy on the left, Tah, was picked up from a pagoda just 3 weeks ago with his two brothers and a dog

It only costs US$288 to sponsor a child to go to the local school for a year which includes school uniform/school supplies.

This is Konthea, aged 6, cute as a button. He is one of the cheeky cherubs who need sponsorship to go to school. He plays an
awesome monkey in their evening performances. The children are studying Khmer traditional dancing with a Cambodian dancing teacher and every night, to raise funds for the orphanage, they put on a public performance at the premises.This in one way they spread awareness of Acodo and what they do. In the background is an Australian woman named Neroli who has committed 6 months of her life to stay in Cambodia as a volunteer teacher at the orphange, WOW!! Hats off to you Neroli.

We were drawn back again and again to this orphanage to chat and play funny games, hug and giggle with the divine children, who never forget your name.

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