Saturday, August 28, 2010

Cambodia Orphan Fund
Cambodia Orphan Fund is situated in Siem Reap, one of the most poverty stricken regions of the country, despite being home to Cambodia's tourist hot spot and eighth wonder of the world-the great Angkor Wat. Parents are struggling to feed their children and fighting a daily battle to put rice on their table.
C.O.F has one of the most forward thinking, sustainable and inspiration programs we came across, with solid goals and visions to help break the poverty cycle.

They have two orphanages. 'Fuchs House' is a large property which houses 25 kids and Osborne house, home to 35 children from impoverished backgrounds. The kids are looked after in a family home atmosphere, attending local Khmer school and English language lessons. Osborne house also opens its doors to 120 children from poor families living nearby who want to learn English. Their goal is to set up 10 English language schools within the region.

I didn't realise but some children in orphanages are there because their family can't afford to feed or school them. COF aim to help families stay together by using donations to pay for the schooling and a limited amount of food supplies for the family. In exchange the parents must guarantee that the children will live at home and not be sent to work or to beg. Now THAT is worth supporting.

Drink coffee and support the kids. C.O.F have also opened a non-profit trendy COFfee house in the heart of Siem Reap, where the walls are lined with outstanding photographs of the children in their environments. Another innovative and empowering project they run is training Mums to sew bags (Spotlight in Australia buy a large amount) and to design and screen print tshirts
(sold to local businesses)

C.O.F are in need of funding and also volunteers in their orphanages and schools. No experience needed, just a desire to help children. The rewards are everlasting, every smile and tender hug imprinted in your heart.

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